Season Two | 12 Count - Blu-ray Bundle

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The Chosen Season Two Blu-ray - 12 Count

It’s no longer hidden. The word is spreading that Jesus is the Messiah. Increased fame brings growing crowds, new disciples, and more miracles. It also brings trouble.

Mary is confronted with old demons. The tension between Simon and Matthew explodes. James & John battle their prejudices and fiery tempers. But they all continue to passionately pursue the man they don’t always understand but will always follow.

“Come and see” Season Two of the global phenomenon that is changing tens of millions of people with each new episode.

What's Inside: 

  • 12 copies of The Chosen Season Two
  • 2-disc Blu-ray
  • 8 episodes of Season Two

The Chosen is the #1 crowdfunded media project in entertainment history and the first multi-season show about the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples. 

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