The Chosen Season 2 Soundtrack (CD)


When you listen to the Season 2 soundtrack, you’ll revisit some of the most impactful moments from The Chosen. Composers Matthew S. Nelson and Dan Hasteltine take us inside the experience of Jesus and his followers, connecting us to each character’s emotional journey.

Season 2 also features the vocals of Ruby Amanfu (you know her from the iconic “Walk on Water”) and we’ve got a special bonus for you: an entirely new rendition of fan favorite “Trouble” performed by the band Lower Saints.


  • Walk on the Water
  • He’s Gone
  • The Sons of Thunder
  • The Synagogue
  • The Architect
  • Jesus and Mother Mary
  • Brothers Montage 
  • Assassination
  • Demoniac
  • Mary’s Forgiveness
  • Withered Hand Blues
  • Jesus Detained
  • Beatitudes Montage
  • Multitudes
  • Trouble (extended version) (featuring The Lower Saints)

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