Special Edition Set + Devotional Books

$75.56 $83.96

Special Edition 6 Disc Set + Devotional Books 1 & 2

This 6 disc Special Anniversary Edition features the highest quality presentation available on DVD / Blu-ray, and includes the most complete selection of bonus features available on disc, with hours of bonus content:

• All new director, writers and cast commentaries

• “Insight Track” - Insider facts and biblical insights while you watch the show

• Multiple behind the scenes videos

• Character and cast biographies and interviews

• View the entire set of script pages from all 8 episodes

• Behind the scenes slide shows

• Biblical/historical roundtable discussions where consultants discuss each episode

• Producers and actors discuss the genesis of the show and their experiences

• Sounds of the Story: Watch with the musical score only

• “A New Thing” - Watch the founders of VidAngel and the creators of The Chosen give an inside look at the history and future of the project!

• …and so much more!

Each Special Edition Set ships in a gift box

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